Over 35 Years of Providing Metallurgical Analysis

Meet The Team



The founder of DNFM, Dr. David N. French,  has served on several  industry related committees affiliated with A.S.M.E.,  E.P.R.I. and The  Steam & Power Panel-American Institute of Metallurgical  Engineers  etc. He has served as an instructor for courses sponsored  by  A.S.M.E. and E.P.R.I. as well as authoring the two editions of   “Metallurgical Failures in Fossil Fired Boilers” published by John Wiley &   Sons Inc.

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In his leisure time Dr. French enjoys playing  golf, tennis,  woodworking, and creating furniture for his children  and grandchildren.  He is also an avid reader and enjoys walking.



  Dr. Koripelli is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE)   in the state of Kentucky. Dr. Koripelli has several years of industrial   experience emphasizing failure analysis and life estimation of boiler   tubes and high-energy pipes. He has directed numerous metallurgical   projects to determine the root cause of failures, assessment of  components,  material evaluations, and life estimation of pressure parts  and high-energy  piping. His specialties include failure analysis,  fracture mechanics,  material selection, mechanical and corrosion  testing. Dr. Koripelli  is a frequent writer for the POWER magazine. He  has published numerous  papers in the international conferences and  journals.

In his  leisure time, Dr. Koripelli enjoys playing tennis/cricket, bike  riding,  exploring new places, and spending time with family and friends. 

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Erik Riker, Laboratory Manager, is originally from Memphis, TN. He   earned his Associate Degree in Graphic Arts from State Technical  Institute  at Memphis in the 1990s and received his B.A. in Anthropology  from  the University of Memphis in 2001. Erik joined the DNF  metallurgical  team in 2008. In addition to his lab duties, Erik also  performs field  inspections with the United Dynamics team.

When not processing boiler tubes, Erik enjoys painting, playing   guitar, writing fiction, and watching horror and comedy films. He has   been a practicing martial artist since 1992.

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Laurie came onboard  in 2019 in our Metallurgical  Lab where she supported our Metallurgists &  lab staff and studied  tube failure analysis procedures. Laurie holds a degree  in Business  Management from Southeast FL University and brings 20+ years  of Human  Resources and small business management experience to UDC. She  was  promoted to Human Resources Manager in 2021 and has made it a priority   to recruit the highest caliber employees available to accommodate our clients’   inspection needs.

Laurie’s outside interests  include a passion  for painting, photography, her 3 dogs and spending time  with her family,  friends.

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    James Atherton

  James Atherton joined David N French   Metallurgists in 2021 as the Metallurgical Lab Technician. He graduated   from Murray State University in 2001 with a B.S. in Occupational Safety   and Health. He has previously held management positions with The Kroger   Company and The Rawlings Group. He looks forward to learning more about   metallurgy, failure analysis, and boiler inspections.

James spends  most of his free time with his wife and two sons. He is a  bit of a  homebody, whose wife loves dragging him out on adventures. When  allowed  to have personal time, he enjoys working on his 1967 Mustang,  making  chili, woodworking, board games, and spending time with his  church  family. 

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