Over 35 Years of Providing Metallurgical Analysis


The staff that I worked with on the project was very professional and appeared very knowledgeable. They were very quick to respond to the work request, very courteous when requesting additional information, and provided updates on the status of the analysis and report. The evaluation and report were completed very timely and thoroughly. The report was also very easily to follow and understand.
Brad H.

Excellent. Very pleased with report and its timeliness.
Karl M.

I have used DNFM a number of times and also attended the tube course put on by you and UDC. I found all of the above to be very professional and useful. We have also had others attend the tube inspection course on my recommendation. Thanks.
Tom S.

Very responsive, efficient and thorough. Would definitely use again.
Phil D.

All, Many thanks for a job well done! The report is excellent and answers all questions I might have had. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Karl M.

The combination of the field guys and the lab guys all being from the same company is a real plus.
John K.

We rely on DNF heavily to provide expedient, accurate, and insightful boiler tube analysis that we utilize to make important maintenance decisions for our boilers. DNF is our go-to.
Anthony D.

DNF is a very professional firm and our first choice in metallurgy labs.
Robert L.

Thanks for the good work!
Ryan W.

I had other reports from you guys this year pertaining to failure analysis in our Coker unit. As usual your reports are awesome and I appreciate your quick turn over on all the projects I send.
Terry M.

Fired crude heater tubes are somewhat outside your normal area of focus as I understand. Thank you for working with us to obtain the results.
Tim M.

Everyone was very helpful and diligent especially with looking at different mechanisms for the failures.
Mary R.

Good job they found what we were looking for in the sample.
John K.

Excellent services. I will highly recommend the use of your company to all of our businesses.
Mel S.

It is always a pleasure to send my tube samples to your company. Your employees contact me personally by phone to make sure I am getting the analysis I need. I get a quote before the work is done and I know exactly what it is going to cost. Thank you.
Mark A.

As always, very satisfied with report as well as with helpfulness of staff.
Chris B.

I will definitely use your services in the future. Please send me a business card for file.
Jim L.

The report submitted to us was concise, to the point, and beautifully executed. We could not have asked for any better service!
Scott S.

As always I was very happy with the report and the follow up technical support offered.
Dave C.

The employees that I spoke with were very knowledgeable and helpful. I recommended that we use David French in the future.
Matthew S.

Great service and I was very pleased with results. Thanks for your help!
Amanda H.

Excellent on communication back and forth on sample tracking, staff good at asking questions prior to final report.
Donald C.

Great report. Staff was very knowledgeable and responded quickly to inquiries and input. We will work with them again.
Tyler M.

The report was well written with good pictures explaining the boiler tube issues.
Phillip O.

My experience with French Metallurgists has been very good. The Metallurgical report was very thorough, and it was submitted in a timely fashion. The people there are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
Bart B.

Enjoyed working with John and Rama, and appreciated them taking the time, along with Dr. French, to have an after‐hours conference call.
Jim F.

Report was very thorough and concise.
Randy N.

Great work, fantastic report. Thank, Don
Don B.

That was the most thorough metallurgical result I have ever seen.
Diane D.

Great service and quick response times.
Tyler M.